June 21, 2008

Not Bad For A Nazi

Forgive us, loyal readers, we have been on the Cape and in vacation mode as of late, so the big news has fallen by the wayside. Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth to a baby girl, Maddie, in Louisiana on Thursday. Best wishes to the now 17-year-old. If her daughter is half as sweet as our Royal Puppy, Maddie, then the world is a much better place. We imagine Jamie Lynn's daughter will not incessantly lick everything in sight as our little princess does (top photo) and if she does, then we blame inbreeding. That was a joke, but not really. Auntie Brit Brit was present for Maddie's arrival after the court allowed her father to put her Studio City, CA house on the market. The listing price is $10 plus million. Oh, and that photo of Brit is from when she was spending time on Mel Gibson's island. What a lovely neighbor he is to reach out to our troubled young gal. Mazel Tov, Jamie Lynn.