January 6, 2010

Casey Johnson

It has been a while since we have posted about anyone other than our son, Bobby. During the previous decade, we were all about the celebrities and their ilk and the snarky things we could say about them. Today, however, we could not be more serious about deceased Johnson & Johnson heiress, Casey Johnson. We met Miss Johnson in 2002 when she was a regular patron of Fred's at Barneys on Madison Avenue in New York City. She often came in for lunch with her mother, Sale. The two could not have been more gracious and lovely. Casey was beautiful and kind and we recognized that from the beginning. The environment lent itself to people behaving badly and throwing their wealth around, but she was never like that. She was old money despite her young age. She was class personified. Her parents are amazing people and our prayers are with them both during this difficult time. Our hope is that Casey's memory will shine bright for her compassion and love. May her daughter, Ava, be proud of the woman that her mother was.