January 20, 2010

Mother Of The Year

Enlarged photo

Fans of Teen Mom on MTV know that Farrah and her mother have a difficult relationship. Last year, Farrah's mother hit her while they were driving and life went on as if the physical abuse was a regular thing. Today, however, Farrah's mother faced a judge in court following an argument with her daughter. According to police officers, Debra Danielson, was holding two knives when officers responded to the home after 911 was called. She would not put the knives down which led to the officers pulling their guns on her. Allegedly, Farrah was hit in the face and officers noted that her lip was cut and bleeding. You can read more here. Holy drama. On last night's episode, Farrah was looking to move out of her mother's house and into places with like 4 and 5 roommates. She was planning on living in party houses with her 8-month-old baby!!!! We were thankful she reconsidered that plan, but holy moly...now this! Let's get it together, ladies.