July 6, 2012

Born and Raised

Longtime readers of the blog will know that John Mayer has traditionally not been our cup of tea. We may have mentioned him in reference to Jennifer Aniston or Jessica Simpson, but we're not about to do a bunch of research while our three year old son is chucking matchbox cars at the royal puppies. BUT, we totally dig John Mayer. We saw him on Andy Cohen's show, Watch What Happens Live, and he was charming. Andy really, really was enjoying John's new album so I was like hmmmmm. Then, we were at a play date with Megan and William and she was totally like, "I love the new John Mayer album!" I was all like, "Really, I never listened to him, but....." Oh My God. Such a great album. Go to iTunes now and get it. Brilliant.

Why So Quiet, Tommy Cruise?

A great big Thank You to Martin Holmes, father of Katie Holmes. Mr. Holmes is a lawyer from Ohio, and he successfully hired the dream team to help his daughter extricate herself from Tom Cruise. Acting as quarterback, Holmes fired anybody Cruise-related. Katie went back to her publicist that Tom forced her to fire when they got together. Tom's bodyguards are gone. Her phone and emails have been changed. She rented a fantastic apartment in Chelsea and filed the divorce in New York, referencing the fact that the family has been living in New York for the past two years. Remember when she ran the NY marathon? Remember when she was on Broadway? Remember when she was a guest judge on Project Runway? Her neighbors are calling New York's Finest to investigate suspicious vehicles filled with Scientology Bullies outside of their building. Rock it out, New York. Now the initial word has been that Katie filed for divorce to keep Suri out of the clutches of the Xenu worshippers. This is understandable. Tom's first two marriages crashed and burned due to his cult religion, so third time's a charm, right? Bert Fields, the Scientology lawyer that has worked for Cruise forever, "announced" that the cult religion had nothing to do with Katie filing for divorce and that the real reason she filed for divorce will be "announced" soon. Bitch, please. Unless Cruise is going to make a big announcement that he's gay, then this Fields dude should shut it. When Tom and Nicole Kidman divorced, he said, "Nic knows the reason." Guess what, Tom? So do we.